OVICIA Business Development Consultant is geared towards helping business owners, organisations, and startups on building their businesses. OVICIA also geared towards development programs having experience in development of Agribusiness in Eastern Indonesia.

Irsan Yanuar the founder, started the organization due to the overwhelming demand from communities who were struggling to build their business. We have been in the community based Business Development landscape for the last 11 years.

Drs. Irsan Yanuar, MBA (Hull) - Founder/ Project Manager
Areas of Competence:
  • Business Plan Writing;
  • MSME Business Development;
  • Commodities/ Agribusiness Development;
  • Community/ Business Skill Development;
  • Sector SWOT Analysis;
  • Project Baseline/ MnE Design and Implementation;

Irsan is the founder and Project Leader of OVICIA Business Development Services. His passion and excitement for MSME Development attracted startups and development programs alike. He’s an entrepreneur and business analyst who utilizes his skills to promote businesses, support causes, and build relationships.

Dian Meidiani, SH - Report Writer/ Content Creator
Areas of Competence:

  • Social Media Management;
  • MSME Business Development;
  • Content Management;
  • Community Building;

Dian is the Social Media / report writer. Dian brings years of videography, graphic and content management wth special expertise in Facebook, Instagram marketing/ group activities. Dian is also the owner of one of the leading Fashion www.meidiani.com

Dennis Depriadie, S. Kom - Marketing/ Banking & Finance Specialist/ Sports Management Specialist
Areas of Competence:

  • Direct Marketing;
  • Sales force Management;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Hospitality Management;
  • Sports Management.

More than 10 years in Banking & Commercial Banking sector in Indonesia, as Regional Head of Marketing, Branch Manager in prominent Banks. His passion in sport brought him to build Bandung Utama Raya Group, currently managing Bandung Utama Basketball and Persatuan Sepakbola Kota Cimahi (PSKC) www.pskc.com

Tenaga Ahli Teknis

OVICIA didukung oleh tenaga ahli setingkat Master/ Doktoral di bidang- bidang teknis:

  • Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian
  • Governance
  • Manufaktur | GMP
  • Perikanan | Managemen Perikanan
  • Sustainability | Keberlanjutan | Keankaragaman Hayati
  • Kehutanan
Tenaga Fasilitator Lapangan

Fasilitator Lapangan mendukung OVICIA di daerah- daerah:
  • Bandung dan sekitarnya
  • Sulawesi Tenggara | Selatan | Tengah | Barat
  • Nusa Tenggara Timur | Flores | Kupang
  • Bali

OVICIA Business Development Services

Jl Kotamas Indah No 43
Kota Cimahi 40525 Jawa Barat

Ph: +6222-8660-0994
WA/ Cell: +62-821-1677-1710
Email: irsan@ovicia.com
URL: www.ovicia.com